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An OklahomaBassFishing.com Interview
Jeannie and Johnny Douglas
Champions of Charger Fishermanís Choice at Eufaula
Jerry Corbett


Jeannie and Johnny Douglas of Shawnee, OK won the first regular season event of the Charger Fishermanís Choice Team Tournament Trail at Lake Eufaula with an impressive five fish limit of 17.91 lbs to take home the $5,000 dollar first place prize. Included in the great stringer of bass was the second big bass of the tournament, a 5.05 lb bucket-mouth.

OBF- So tell us about your pre-fishing or your preparation for this tournament!

Team Douglas- We actually didnít do any pre-fishing prior to the tournament. Eufaula isnít one of our better lakes and we donít have that many good spots, so we just took what we learned last year and went with that.

OBF- So what did you have going last year?

Team Douglas- Last year we fished a tournament here about the same time of year and ended up catching three fish that weighed in at around nine and a half pounds. So we basically hit the same areas. We also heard that it was going to be pretty windy today so we wanted to stay a little closer to the weigh-in site here at Eufaula Cove, but as it turned out, it wasnít to bad.

OBF- Was the water pretty muddy all over the lake? What kind of water clarity did you concentrate on?

Team Douglas- Actually the area that we hit, the number nine area, was pretty clear. We stayed there all day!

OBF- How many bites did you have today?

Team Douglas- We had six bites and caught five fish! I had one bite the trailer off of my jig.

OBF- So tell us about that jig!

Team Douglas- It was a Red River Tackle Company jig. We threw a couple of different colors which didnít really seem to make much of a difference. We just went out and fished, we didnít get many bites but when we did they were good quality fish.

OBF- What type of line did you throw? Braided, Fluro-carbon, or Mono?

Team Douglas- Actually it was Berkley Vanish Fluro-carbon line. It was 17 pound test.

OBF- So tell us Johnny, did you or your wife catch the fish?

Team Douglas- Well she caught the smallest and biggest fish and I caught the ones in the middle.

OBF- Well Congratulations on a big win here at Eufaula, and do you have anything else you would like to share with the viewers?

Team Douglas- Well actually, weíve had a pretty good weekend. Yesterday, Saturday we won the Anglerís Choice Tournament on Broken Bow lake.

OBF- So this is your second win of the weekend? How much weight did you end up with on Saturday?

Team Douglas- Yeah, itís been a pretty incredible weekend. We had almost thirteen pounds down there.

OBF- Well thatís pretty amazing! I bet there are not many teams out there that can brag about winning two team tournament events in one weekend!

Team Douglas- One last thing, we would also like to thank our very generous sponsors. Bass Pro Shops/Tracker Marine and D&D Contractors of Shawnee.

OklahomaBassFishing.com would like to thank the Douglasís for a very enjoyable and informative interview. Congrats and good luck for the rest of the season. Thanks as Always!





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